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Saturday, June 16, 2012

If possible say a little prayer

Ok, usually I try to keep things fun and light on this blog,  however, this past Thursday, our 89 year old Mother feel and broke her hip.  Now mind you our Mom is in pretty good health (as many a doctor has told us) for an 89 year old woman, but we see her much more frail and having a lot more little health issues as she has gotten older.   So if you find some time could you please say a little prayer for her, her name is Solange.  She has always been a powerful woman, who could do anything she set her mind too, so I am having trouble seeing her frail, helpless and laying in the hospital in pain (even though she won't admit how much pain she is in, never has).
Thank you all so very much,
Jeanette and Jackie


  1. Dear Girls
    We will keep your sweet mom in our prayers! It is very hard to watch our parents face such health challenges. Sending you both much love!


  2. Dear Jeanette & Jackie
    Praying for your mom and for both of you girls. I know how hard it is to watch your parents suffer.
    Wishing you strength and hoping your mom will be feeling better soon!
    Hugs to both of you!


  3. OMGosh ladies, I must have missed you posting this. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Can you email me and let me know how she is doing? In the meantime we will definitely be lifting her up in prayer.

    Much love,

  4. Said a prayer for your mom. It's hard to see our parents age...

  5. Lot's of hugs and prayers!!!
    I hope everything is okay!

  6. Hi Jeanette,
    Thanks for visiting my blog; love to hear from friends! So sorry to hear about your Mom; sending her best wishes and a quick recovery. So hard to watch our parents age and go through these things....hugs to you and Jackie too!