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My sister and I are "Annie Louise". We live in sunny Southern California. Ever since we were kids our mom would take us to estate sale and garage sales. So I guess it is only natural that we still both love to go to garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores--- nothing more exciting than the thrill of the hunt and the find!! Our style is a cross between rustic, shabby chic and beachy. We are both new to blogging, but have decided to start our own blog. We hope you find this blog interesting and come back to visit often. Thanks for visiting, Jackie and Jeanette

Saturday, June 16, 2012

If possible say a little prayer

Ok, usually I try to keep things fun and light on this blog,  however, this past Thursday, our 89 year old Mother feel and broke her hip.  Now mind you our Mom is in pretty good health (as many a doctor has told us) for an 89 year old woman, but we see her much more frail and having a lot more little health issues as she has gotten older.   So if you find some time could you please say a little prayer for her, her name is Solange.  She has always been a powerful woman, who could do anything she set her mind too, so I am having trouble seeing her frail, helpless and laying in the hospital in pain (even though she won't admit how much pain she is in, never has).
Thank you all so very much,
Jeanette and Jackie

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More goodies from our trip to Ventura

Here are some more of the wonderful treasures we picked up on our vacation to Ventura.

We love all the wonderful silver trays, vintage doorknobs, and the vintage printers tray.  We had to hurry and get it all into our booth, before we decided to keep all the treasures ; )  Thanks for stopping by.

May many blessings come your way!!
Jackie and Jeanette

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderful flowers

I am not a great gardener at all, but I have noticed that just before we go on a vacation, it always seems my garden is ready to bloom in bunches.  I  was hoping that they would last until I got home from my latest trip.  Some did, some didn't--but the roses below survived and I am soooooo happy they did.  I have never had so many blooms at one time on one bush.  I love these roses, I believe they are a David Austens type.  Roses are my favorite and these not only are roses, but they also remind me of peonies (which I also love). The roses below are all from the same bush : )

Wishing you all the best,

Monday, June 4, 2012

Booth Spruce up at Debra's Cottage

Below are some pictures of our booth at Debra's Cottage with just a few of our new finds....  a Lane Cedar Chest, vintage lamps, garden goodies, a wonderful desk/hutch, napkin holders, cake stands .. .... and more, 

Hope you all have a wonderful week - thanks for stopping by : )
Jackie and Jeanette