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My sister and I are "Annie Louise". We live in sunny Southern California. Ever since we were kids our mom would take us to estate sale and garage sales. So I guess it is only natural that we still both love to go to garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores--- nothing more exciting than the thrill of the hunt and the find!! Our style is a cross between rustic, shabby chic and beachy. We are both new to blogging, but have decided to start our own blog. We hope you find this blog interesting and come back to visit often. Thanks for visiting, Jackie and Jeanette

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life and a new journey

Hi everyone,

  Life---that roller coaster that twists and turns, takes highs and lows, never knowing where it will end up.
That is what Jackie and I have been feeling lately.

We decided with family obligations, 8-5 work and various other non-scheduled events that would suddenly pop up-- we needed to give up doing the two flea markets for awhile,  but God opened a new door for us -- we now have a booth at Debra's Cottage, in Costa Mesa, CA   http://www.debrascottage.com/home.html.

Wanting you all to know that we read and enjoy your blogs so much!!!-- we just do not always have the time to comment : (
We wish you all wonderful blessings, and treasured days!!!
Jackie and Jeanette